Top free alternatives for Zoom

Top free alternatives for Zoom
Top free alternatives for Zoom

Zoom is getting more and more popular among people for both private and business purposes. However, there were some concerning news about its security level and it made some of us look for other comunicators. What are Zoom top free alternatives?


1. Skype Meet Now

Probably everyone heard about Skype or even used it. There is also the new feature Meet Now, which allows you to make free videoconferences for more users via your phone. If you are hesitant about registering – there is also a possibility to use Skype Meet Now without acutally signing. This version has less features, but is still usable. You can use it to share presentantions and there is an option to blur the background – especially useful when you are working at home and some of your family members are present in other rooms.

google meet

2. Google Meet

It’s not a new feature, but it’s been made free quite recently. Now, it can be accessed by every person, who has Gmail, but other than that – it’s completely free. You can invite up to 100 participants to the conversation, but it’s lengthy is limited: maximum of one hours has been made by Google.

cisco webex

3. Cisco Webex

Just like Google Meet, this program isn’t new at all. It’s been known for years now, but the length of calls had been limited to 40 minutes with a maximum number of users set at 50. Now, the number of participants had been doubled, and the call lengthy limit removed. It’s pretty user friendly and not so hard to use even if you aren’t really a fan of social media and communication apps.

jitsi meet

4. Jitsi Meet

It’s not a well-known app, but pretty nice nonetheless. As it’s free and much less subsidized than previous programs, some of the options are still in the development phase (i.e. blurring of the background). In theory, Jitsi Meets allows you to invite up to 75 participants, but we strongly suggest cutting the number by half for a pretty good experience. The fact, that you can link it with Google Calendar, Slack, or Office 365 is definitely a huge advantage of this application.

Of course, there are many more apps, such as Hangouts, Whereby, or Highfive. We described the ones we think are the best among the free options.