Self-driving Apple car: when can we expect it?

Self-driving Apple car: when can we expect it?
Self-driving Apple car: when can we expect it?

According to Reuters, Apple is planning on making its own, self-driving car in the next couple of years. The date of its release is planned sometime in 2024 and it’s supposed to be a technical breakthrough. The news is pretty vague and doesn’t inform on many details, which fans of this brand might find interesting. One thing can be said for sure: looks like Apple didn’t abandon its plans on preparing a vehicle.

Old plans come back?

Apple first car was originally planned a couple of years back, in 2015. However, next year this project has beed shut down. Even though Apple is avoiding any questions about the car, it seems the plans came back to live. The date of the car’s release was set on 2024, but it can be postponed by a year or more due to the pandemic regulations and delays. Fans of the brand should try to curb their enthusiasm: the plans are so vague that it cannot be ruled out that Apple will only return to software development for vehicles in a few months.

Third party involvement

Apple’s first car will not be prepared completely on their own – as it is said in some of the sources. While the vehicle will be only Apple’s design, they would like to get various components (including LIDAR systems) from third parties. This tactic might be a good idea for the company: while they are pro at modern technologies, there are certainly many companies with higher specialization in the field of car mechanics.

Self-driving car?

It seems, that Apple is not interested in building a car itself – they would like to offer a vehicle, which can drive without the driver. There are no technologies available at the moment – even though Tesla’s car are highly advanced.

The person, who is leading this project is John Giannandrea: former worker of Google, responsible for artificial intelligence and search. Apple seems to be quite confident about the project, suggesting that the only question is ‘when’, not ‘if’. A self-driving car would change the modern world in many various ways, but the real question is: can Apple really make it work?