Google Stadia vs GeForce Now

Google Stadia vs GeForce Now
Google Stadia vs GeForce Now

Cloud gaming services are getting more and more popular. While Google Stadia was first on the market, GeForce Now offers many interesting solutions, which might draw interest to them. If you would like to know advantages and disadvantages of both the platforms, read our Google Stadia vs GeForce Now comparison.


Even though there are many factors, which you should take into account, the first one is price. If something is out of your budget, then it is out of your budget and there is nothing to brag about. Thus, if you’re looking for a cheaper option, GeForce Now is the definite winner of this comparison. The monthly subscription is half the price of Google Stadia. What is more – it offers some free trials.


Honestly, both the platforms allow you to get the best quality, but in a different way. While Stadia is prepared to stream games in the best possible quality – GeForce works in a cloud. Technically, it allows you to run any available game in high quality.

The free member of Stadia can get a really good quality on every screen, but the loss of smoothness might be visible. On the other hand, if you are willing to pay for a premium membership – you can stream with around 60 fps even on big, 4K screens.

Available games

This is a really important factor: even the best quality and lowest price won’t be satisfying if there is a small amount of games available on the platform. In this case, GeForce seems to be winning the competition rather effortlessly: you get full access for games you’ve already purchased on platforms such as Steam. That being said, we have to inform you, that theory doesn’t really match reality. Some of the games are not available at the moment and some of them (such as Tomb Raider saga) were removed, which means that further removals cannot be ruled out.

When you will be picking your platform, choose carefully and try to pick the one, that will match your needs and preferences.

Google Stadia offers around 30 games at the moment and most of them have to be paid for.